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replacing windows adds value to your home

Replacing Windows Adds Value To Your Home

Smart homeowners know ROI matters when it comes to more extensive and costly projects. While some DIY projects only add curb appeal, getting brand new windows for your home not only gives it a facelift but also adds energy savings as well which makes it one of the best purchases you can make for you home.

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poor window installation

Poor Window Installation

You should know that your new windows are only as good as that manufacturer’s warranty and the warranty is only as good as the window installation.

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window repair vs replacement (Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash)

Window Repair vs Replacement

New windows are a huge investment. The day you said good-bye to that thin single paned glass and aluminum window frames you thought all your window problems were over. Unfortunately, while we can generally expect our windows to last a long time, disasters do sometimes occur.

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double hung windows

Double Hung Windows

Are you having issues with your current windows? Are they hard to clean, drafty, or are just looking dated? Have no fear, double hung windows are here! They are the perfect solution to any of these problems.

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replacement windows (

Choosing Replacement Windows

Are you planning on choosing replacement windows for your home?

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bay window (

Bay Windows

Are you thinking of installing a bay window into your home?

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Snowy window (

Make 2017 a great year!

How time flies by all too quickly. Is 2016 over already? How did that happen all of a sudden? Well another year has come and gone and now is all in the past and behind us.

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halloween window decorating

Trick or treat your windows for halloween

It's that time of year again when the days get shorter and the leaves start falling...which also means Halloween is just around the corner.

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sliding glass door

Sliding glass door installation pitfalls

So you've finally decided its time to get a new sliding glass door. The next question you ask yourself is this something I can handle on my own or should I go with a professional? Whether you are replacing old doors or knocking out a wall to put in new ones the installation can be challenging to get right.

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spring cleaning

Do you really save money with big box stores?

Are you looking for a company that replaces sliding doors and windows? Are you tired of the big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's but don't know where to go? Some of those other places that carry big name brands can be quite expensive and you may feel that you are getting ripped off. You don't have to feel that way with Clear Choice Windows.

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spring cleaning

Time to spring clean your windows

Spring has arrived and it is time for the annual event of spring cleaning! Once again, you hate the dreaded task of cleaning but it is like getting a fresh start to a season of new beginnings.

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condensation on window

How to prevent window condensation

We have all had it at one point in our homes and that is Window Condensation. But do you really know how and why this happens in our home?

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window types

Choosing the right windows for your home

Well you just found out that your windows are not quite as energy efficient as you originally thought. They are slowly leaking air. Now what do you do if you want to replace them with new ones? There are so many to choose from.

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snowy house

Winter is coming - 5 tips to get your home ready now

It's beginning to get chilly in the air and fall will be upon us soon with winter to follow. You should plan ahead to prevent any mishaps in the winter and get your home ready with some preventive maintenance tips. Listed below are five tips to get your home winterized.

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old house

Leaky cladding systems can cause water damage; use vinyl windows to help reduce leaks

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements. In today's market there are a lot of different monolithic cladding systems available for your home. However, there are some that are more prone to causing leaks than others. Buildings with structural framing made from untreated timber with non-cavity monolithic cladding systems are at risk more than the rest.

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vinyl windows

Top 4 reasons to choose vinyl windows

Consumers these days have a lot of choices when looking for replacement windows. There are thousands of possible combinations to choose from. How does the consumer know which type of window is best for them? The deciding factor on most major purchases typically comes down to price and no other window material gives more bang for your dollar than vinyl windows.

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