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Window Repair vs Replacement

New windows are a huge investment. The day you said good-bye to that thin single paned glass and aluminum window frames you thought all your window problems were over. Unfortunately, while we can generally expect our windows to last a long time, disasters do sometimes occur.

window repair vs replacement (Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash)

If one of your windows has broken, it doesn't always mean you need to replace the entire window. Sometimes, repair can be a cheaper way to take care of an unexpected problem.

A closer look at replacing window glass

If the damage is not too severe, the individual window pane in your window can be replaced. Good examples of glass that is not severely damaged include chips, scratches, and cracks in the glass. If these are the problem, replacing the glass instead of the whole window can save you money.

During the process, a technician will remove the broken pane, and replace it with the same brand of glass in the original windows if possible. The pane will be sealed in place, and weatherproofing may be used to help keep out drafts.

If the windows are new, contact the window company before doing any repairs. A repair may void your warranty, which could make saving a few dollars very costly.

When to replace windows instead

Sometimes repairing windows is the best solution, other times it really is better to replace the window. If you have wooden window frames and they are rotting, replacing them is critical to the health of the rest of your house. Wooden frames left to rot will not only continue to deteriorate, they may spread rot to the siding of the house as wall, causing much more expensive damage to occur.

If the seal on the window has failed, causing the window to fog up with moisture, replacement is also a good idea. While there are repair companies out there who claim to be able to repair it, the problem will continue as frequently as on a yearly basis. Replacing the whole window is the only way to guarantee the problem won't come back, and will save money in the long run.

The window should usually be replaced over repaired if the windows are already old and are at the end of their lifespan. If you're planning to eventually replace windows anyway, you can save money by replacing them now instead of repairing them. There is little point in repairing when you're only going to replace them in just a short while.

Not sure? Ask Clear Choice Windows!

If the neighborhood baseball game got out of control and left a hole in your windows, or you aren't sure if the damage done counts as a crack, asking a professional is the best way to go. Clear Choice Windows is happy to answer your questions about what repair or replacement options are best. They can also help you find the most affordable solutions, and even arrange financing if necessary. Call today and get that window back to perfect working order.

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