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Choosing Replacement Windows

Are you planning on choosing replacement windows for your home?

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"What kind of windows should I buy for my home?" is a difficult question to answer and requires careful thought because your home's windows define the look and feel of your home for everyone to see.

Replacing your old windows can mean two things for your home: First, buying energy efficient windows will mean you are saving money that would have been spent on heating and cooling bills, and second you get a new beautiful look and style by upgrading your old windows.

Windows replacement options are numerous and so is the number of companies offering replacements which can become complicated and confusing quickly. Choosing the best company to install your windows is a crucial step for your window project.

Choose the Best Window Replacement

There are many options available to you when replacing your windows, below is a list of styles to consider:

  • Double Hung - This is one of the more attractive option available for you. A double hung window option is one that slides upward, downward and tilts in for easy cleaning.
  • Sliders - Similar to double hung windows, these are a great option and slide horizontally allowing for easy opening and closing.
  • Bays - Bay windows add glamour to your home. Check out our previous article on bay windows for more information.
  • Bows - Bows are similar to bays and have beautiful transitional curves with blunted angles that will add some level of aesthetics to your home.
  • Garden - The garden window option showcases plants and herbs and allows for the penetration of sunlight into your room.

How to Choose Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Your windows efficiency rating is important. The window efficiency performance that determines its rating is a measure of its U-factor. Simply stated the U-factor measures the amount of heat transfer, typically the lower the better.

In cold climates a good U-factor runs between 0.17 and 0.39. On north facing walls you want the lowest U-factor possible because you won't be getting much from solar heating. On the south facing wall you will want to maximize solar heating, look for windows with a higher SHGC rating.

Why is Proper Installation Critical?

Your window's future performance and longevity are determined by how careful and professional the installation process was.

It is essential to pick the right professional who will be installing your windows. If there is an issue with your windows and they were not propery installed your warranty may be risk, potentially costing you thousands.

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