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Bay Windows

Are you thinking of installing a bay window into your home?

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Let's make sure we are on the same page when it comes to bay windows as sometimes people confuse them with bow windows. There is a difference between the two but the biggest difference is that a bay window has a set of three windows, where as bow windows usually have four or more windows that are installed in a arc.

Let Clear Choice Windows help you with your decision. Here are the pros and cons that will help you in your decision.

Bay Window Pros

Bay windows will certainly create more space, where you can even install a soft cushion in the area to sit and read a good book. Sometimes there are storage units built in under the seating area. Or you may want to just add some plants and grow a herb garden. More windows of course will also add more viewing pleasure to view your yard. In a smaller room, bay windows can really make the room feel more open. Bay windows will be one of those few upgrades that will certainly add curb appeal to your home. These type of windows don't blend in, but stand out in a more beautiful way than other windows. Buyers will notice these windows if you are planning to sell your home. These type of windows will add much more natural light into your interior spaces. More light will certainly not compromise your comfort level on the inside. Instead Bay windows will have side windows that you can open and allow cool air to float in. Clear Choice Windows also feature the most advanced Energy Star features available to you, the consumer. Besides adding beauty to your home, this will let the light in and keep the heat out.

Bay Window Cons

If the windows are not installed correctly, they can develop structural issues that will happen gradually over a period of time. This is why it is very important for a professional to install them and not the do-it-yourself home project task. Also, note that not all professionals have the same skill set. Here at Clear Choice Windows, we won't use materials that fail over a period of time. You can be assured that your windows will be strong and sealed to last for many years. Bay windows do cost a little more than the average window and are not as easy to install like the standard double hung styles. But overall the benefits do over ride the costs. Feel free to let us know if you are ready to add the bay window in your home. We will take the journey with you to ensure you get an upgrade that you can enjoy and live with for years to come.

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