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Time to spring clean your windows

Spring has arrived and it is time for the annual event of spring cleaning! Once again, you hate the dreaded task of cleaning but it is like getting a fresh start to a season of new beginnings.

spring cleaning

Removing all the grime from the winter storms can be a challenge but will be easily tackled if you have a plan to start with. Typically windows should be washed at least twice a year but don't worry if you skipped a season.

Windows can be brutal to clean especially from all that wind due to the snow storms and rain. There are some things you can do to make it easier.

If you have vinyl windows then you are in luck as they are basically they are maintenance free and aren’t a hassle to clean or maintain. Stains don't seem to stay on them as much and they won't change shape or color due to all that moisture from rains and snow. They are easily cleaned with just the basics of soap and water. You can use a cleaner that they sell especially for vinyl windows, but dish soap and a brush should take care of it without spending any extra money or your time of going to the store as these items you probably already have in your home. Using harsh chemicals can also damage or discolour your vinyl windows too. Make sure to remove or open the sashes and take off the screens, take a wet cloth and clean the insides of the frame and don't forget the inside of the track. For anything that is stuck on take a soft brush to clean it off. Anything that seems like it needs to be lubricated now is the time to get that done while you have things nice and clean and the frames are already off.

Now it's time to clean the glass. There are many ways to tackle this chore. You can use regular glass cleaner and paper towels or soft towels, such as microfiber towels. Another trick that is good is to use old newspapers or better yet, use a squeegee. For streak-free glass, try one of the many products that claim this will make your job easier. And if you are big on being eco-friendly try using a solution of water and vinegar. For windows that are really dirty or too high to reach try using a power washer with plain water and let air dry for the hard to reach windows.

Now that all your windows are clean, you will have realized how dirty they really were and you will see that so much more sunlight will be allowed into your home.

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