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Sliding glass door installation pitfalls

So you've finally decided its time to get a new sliding glass door. The next question you ask yourself is this something I can handle on my own or should I go with a professional? Whether you are replacing old doors or knocking out a wall to put in new ones the installation can be challenging to get right.

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Here are a few things to consider before attempting your next sliding glass door project without an expert:

  • It's extremely important to take care when installing glass doors, after all you are installing a massive piece of glass into your home. Damaging the glass in the door can cost you a lot of money and keeping cracked or broken glass in your sliding glass door is asking for trouble.
  • Sliding doors have come a long way and are better than ever at avoiding heat loss during winter and keeping cool air inside during summer. It's imperative that the doors are installed properly to gain the maximum benefits from your doors. An expert will know how to install your doors properly the first time.
  • Attempting to install sliding glass doors by yourself is not wise and can be down right dangerous. You can easily cut yourself or slip and fall during the installation and damage your doors. There are a myriad of ways you can hurt yourself when tackling a big project like this.
  • Water damage is real possibility with improper installation and can become a real nuisance. Water damage can ruin your floors or seep into the walls that are adjacent to your sliding glass door, if not corrected immediately mold could form where the water damage occurred and can cause a potentially dangerous and costly situation for your family.
  • Sliding glass doors can stick, squeak, or shake after being installed. A lot of preparation and accurate measurements are essential to get a silky smooth experience from your doors. If something isn't exactly right an expert will be able to quickly fix the issue and let you have peace of mind that your sliding glass door investment was well worth it.
  • Installing sliding glass doors can be tricky, believe it or not you can inadvertently install your new doors in reverse which wastes a lot of time and energy. What's more, if the doors are reversed, this can compromise the security of your home leaving it vulnerable to intruders. Sacrificing the security of your home and family is something you definitely do not want.

With all the bad things that may happen when installing sliding glass doors you can avoid a lot of hassle and maintain your peace of mind by having an expert like Clear Choice Windows install your sliding glass doors for you.

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