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How to prevent window condensation

We have all had it at one point in our homes and that is Window Condensation. But do you really know how and why this happens in our home?

condensation on window

The real culprit to this problem and the wetness is that it really is from humidity. Humidity forms when water vapor is in the air and of course humidity is invisible. The vapor forms when it comes in contact with a much cooler surface and in this case, it will be your windows. That's what those droplets of water are on your windows, which ironically typically happens more in the winter. The same concept happens when you are in your bathroom taking that hot steamy shower.

What are the ways to reduce any condensation buildup? One way would be to increase the ventilation. If you have any curtains covering the windows the simplest thing to do is to pull them back, which will allow the air to flow more freely. Don't forget to check for any outside issues such as leaky faucets and clogged up gutters as that can also add moisture to areas such as your basement. Bet you never thought of that!

Other common ways to improve the condensation is by opening windows to allow some air to come in for extra ventilation, using the exhaust system in your kitchen when cooking and also while in the bathroom when bathing. You might want to invest in a dehumidifier to use throughout the home. Don't forget also to check and properly vent your clothes dryer, stoves etc. The attic, basement and crawl spaces are also typically forgotten about so make sure that these areas of the home are also free from any obstructions and also can be well ventilated. Don't even store any of your firewood in the home.

Are there causes of why you get so much condensation buildup? If your home isn't well ventilated the moisture has nowhere to go but up so then the humidity levels tend to rise. Don't forget, that we can create a lot of moisture in a week just by doing normal activities and that even includes breathing! If the condensation happens periodically, it is usually nothing to really worry about, but if it happens quite often, then you just may want to invest and use that dehumidifier which will surely help control the humidity in your house. Don't leave out checking your windows! In addition, if you have to replace any windows, this will also help by reducing any cold air seeping through the house and also a added bonus by helping you save money on your energy costs.

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