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Winter is coming - 5 tips to get your home ready now

It's beginning to get chilly in the air and fall will be upon us soon with winter to follow. You should plan ahead to prevent any mishaps in the winter and get your home ready with some preventive maintenance tips. Listed below are five tips to get your home winterized.

snowy house

  1. Take a look at the roof. This is important especially if you live in areas where you have alot of snow. Snow can be quite heavy and you don't want to cave in the roof from all the weight of the snow. When you are up there, clear off any debris or leaves so they don't get trapped or clog anything such as the water gutters. Don't forget to check for any loose shingles, cracks and of course don't forget to see if any of the sealing or caulking hasn't dried out from the summer's blazing sun.
  2. Check your chimney and fireplace. Soot can build up in the chimney and this buildup can be a fire hazard. The buildup can cause air to be sucked up into by the changing airflow. After about 40-50 fires it's always good to give it a good cleaning.
  3. Check the furnace. The last thing you want in frigid temps is the furnace going out. This could be dangerous too as it can produce carbon monoxide if it is malfunctioning. Screens and filters should be changed monthly. Make an appointment to have the belts adjusted, get the motor lubricated and adjust the air-fuel mixture, especially if you have an older home.
  4. Check your weather stripping. Check doors and windows to see if any drafts are coming in. Use your hand to feel for any air. Gaps can happen due to settling of the home and this will cause your furnace to work harder. Sealing these drafts with caulk can save you up to 10 percent in heating costs. If caulking isn't sufficient replacing your drafty windows with high quality vinyl windows will make a huge difference in energy savings.
  5. Buy winter essentials. Buy items such as snow removal equipment, salt, and firewood. You will be prepared in advance when the time comes. Don't forget to swap out your bedding with that down comforter or wool blanket. Put away any patio furniture, hoses and the grill. You don't want to wait when it is frozen solid.

Winterizing your home with these five steps will protect the home and your investment. The winter season will start off on a solid foundation.

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